The Main Poverty Alleviation Program in Sri Lanka

 Ministry of Economic Development
Our Vision is    - "Prosperous Country, Free of Poverty." 


"Initiation of Policies pertaining to Poverty reduction, supervision, and Co-ordination with relevant Institutes for Implementation of those Policies, including Research, Capacity development & Training, leading for Empowerment, while arresting further deterioration of the present status of the poor and to improve their living standard."


Department of the Commissioner General of Samurdhi

  • Samurdhi Subsidy Program will be improved in this year coving all eligible poor families.

  • Samurdhi Subsidy Program will be expanded to the Districts of Jaffna, Mannar, Kilinochci and Mulative in Northern Province, and Un cleared areas in Vauniya Districts where Samurdhi Subsidy Program is not functioning.

  • The discussions have been commenced with officials of the Ministry of Health, to improve Nutrition Program to cover all poor families since the beginning of the pregnancy.  The new Nutrition Program will be implemented island wide in the year 2006

  • Labour Intensive People's Project will be expanding in the year 2006 to enhance the rural economy diverting more resources to Divisional Secretariats divisions, where poverty incidence are high ....

  • Samurdhi Social Security program will be further strengthened in this year.

  • Pre childhood development centers are expected to set up in district wise in order to provide with a standard education for children of Samurdhi beneficiary families, for physical mental personality development.


Samurdhi Authority of Sri Lanka

  • It is planned to expand Gam Pubudu program in this year in order to develop rural infrastructure facilities.

  • Samurdhi Banks will be further strengthened with the assistance of the Asian Development Bank.

  • A new loan scheme will be introduced to increase the deposits.

  • Tsunami renovation loan scheme will be further extended.

  • Jana Pubudu program will be further strengthened in this year.

  • Co-ordinate service institutes in order to provide training and relevant technology needed for Agro based projects.

  • Ideal project from each DS division will be selected from Jana Pubudu program, that project will be developed as a model project.

  • Low productivity, Multi crops cultivations owned by low income earners will be transformed to high productivity, high quality, high income earner.  It is planned to earn foreign exchange through high quality high productive products.

  • It is also planned to expand and co-ordinate training and transfer of technologies in order to improve animal husbandry and fisheries products.

  • Training programs will be further expanded to strength inter and intra co-ordination between the service delivery and beneficiaries.


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